Monday, November 21, 2011

My Best Friend's Birthday

It was her birthday. I was thinking to give her a frame with a digiscrap in it.

She is a scrapbooker herself. A real one. And she has a style. Classy and elegant one.  I always admire her taste in scrapbooking. You can take a look here. I know I will never can be a scrapbooker like her, with a real scissors, needle and thread, and stacks of paper, a bunch of ribbon, oh so not me. I am too lazy and unorganized to be one.

So, I scrapped this layout just for her, using the extension of my clumsy fingers: Photoshop. Not to compare with adorable own made collection of hers, tho.

The word art Everybody Loves Ing-ing was inspired by Everybody Loves Raymond, a TV serial my hubby & I loved to watch together. I just wanted her to know how she is loved by all boys around her. How much her hubby and their precious sons love and relied on her. She is the mom, the homemaker, the caretaker, their everything.

Happy birthday, Sis. Hope you like it.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Brother and Sister

It's a great mystery for me, to see how siblings get along one another.

This special connection amazed me. Big brother, little sister. They were never met before. But how they love each other.

The picture above, using a bit from here, and a bit from there, I just couldn't track it anymore. *sorry!

Kit: Paradise - Robin Renee Sampson. This bundle can be purchased here.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Second Honeymoon

After our baby was born, we hardly could spend time as a couple together.
We really enjoyed our second honeymoon in a place like Beijing.

Hubby was on a training, while I spent the day roaming Beijing by their MRT.  Each time I have the chance to go abroad, public transportation is on the top of my list to try. And, yeah, I how I envied China, they have a modern rapid transportation. Finger cross, I can ride on MRT in Indonesia before I die. I wish!

Kit: Digitally Smitten from Digital Essentials

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Starting Solid

Joachim started his solid just as he turned to be a 6-mo-baby.

How heartwarming for a mom who gave birth to a tiny baby, to see her baby has grown to be an eater. Couldn't wait for this moment, for I was worried of his slow weight gain. I really hoped he will put on more weight. 

For this layout, I picked a calm & soft theme from the pile of my digi paper collection (various supplier). I made the title myself.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Feeling Artsy

My little girl loves to build things. Her hands are always busy making things from buliding blocks, jigsaw puzzle, rocks, and even from things called trash!

We made this art piece from corn and felt so artsy about that.

Element: Echoes of Asia - Jessica Sprague

Monday, November 7, 2011

My Digiscrap Journey: Then and Now

Three years ago, I made my first ever digital scrapbook.

I was trying to capture the moment when my little daughter crawled over a dish ;) and was too tempted to make it digital, so I could share it with friends in my Facebook.

Not so familiar with scrapbooking, but I'd been an inhouse graphic designer for years, making digital banner, designing web, company profile, etc, so the process of making it is not something new. So, it was pretty easy for me since I've befriended Photoshop over the years. The only challenge in digital scrapbooking is how to make this digital thingy look realistic, not just graphic.

I put digiscrap on a long rest when I was pregnant with my baby#3 and was too busy (and exhausted) to steal some times to sit in front of the PC. I wish I could digiscrap from my iPhone. :)

Lately, again, I was tempted to do better. I know actually I can design my own kits, but, oh, with a baby in the house, I can't be too hard on myself.  I need to be productive. So, I challenged myself to apply Creative Team position for one or two digiscrap designers. I found quite a lot calls, but yeah, again, I need to be focus and realistic.

Robin Sampson was the first to respond. She is a homeschool mom and author. She designed a teaching method Heart of Wisdom for homeschool families, which is a combination of teaching methods, like Charlotte Mason’s, Ruth Beechick’s, David Mulligan’s, and so on. Click here to read more about her.

Robin sent me a greenish kit named Green Valley to start with. And here is the LO:

I made my own alpha, to make it more personal, more Devi-ish.

Thank you for reading.