Friday, May 25, 2012

Kehamilan dan Mata Perih

Saya tidak terlalu suka pakai kacamata. Mengganggu rasanya, apalagi jika dipakai saat sedang membaca tiduran.. ;)

Maka saya beralih ke contact lens, yang saya pakai sejak kuliah. Namun ada masa-masa saya kembali berkacamata. Contact lens itu agak merepotkan perawatannya, dan jika lupa membawa peralatannya saat harus menginap di tempat lain, bisa berabe urusannya. Mata lho, mata.

Saat hamil ketiga, terjadilah sesuatu yang mengubah hidup saya. Mata saya menolak contact lens. Perih. Merah. Berair. Padahal saya menggunakan yang bulanan, gimana yang permanen tahunan?

Jadi begitu. Saat ke Bali pada usia kehamilan 32 minggu, saya terpaksa memakai lagi kacamata tua saya. Ah, tidak apa-apa, demi mata. ;)

Clever Monkey Graphics

Oh ya, saya barusan join Clever Monkey Graphics, desainernya, Tracey Monette punya taste yang sangat organik. Gambar2nya dia buat sendiri pake graphic pen-nya, juga dari felt (flanel). Lucu-lucu. ;)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Fantasizing my scrap

Fantasy is never my style (but never say never!). For a very personal reason, I think fantasy digiscrapping is not really scrapbooking. To me it is more like a photostudio work than a work of digiscrapping.

But, I wanted to try. I thrived to try this new genre.
Armed with a cute Roses kit from Eva, I poured out all my digital sense into this LO. Not the best, you can see there are some amateur works ironically from someone who once called herself self-taught graphic designer. ;) I really need to practice more to sharpen my graphic knife to cut things perfectly. ;)

Told ya. This LO still to me doesn't seemed like a digital scrapbook at all. But, I kinda like it. I love the cuteness of it, the fresh greenish nuance of it. May be I will try to make another fantasy LO some other day. It's fun.

I also made another 'regular' LO out of this kit:

Kit's preview:

This kit is available here and here.

Friday, May 11, 2012

My first freebie ever

Been looking for a chance to bring some freebies to my blog.
My LOs are usually personal, they are always reflecting how I see my life, my kids, myself. So, it had been never came to my mind to share my LOs with others, regarding its unique purpose.

But, this is my first try. Hope you like it. I used Tuesday Morning, a retired kit by Aly De Moraes. Very cute and refreshing for the eyes.
A quick page frame from me.

Actually, I made this LO for my 15mo baby, who happened to find a beetle and tried to catch it. Very cute moment.

You can download the frame here.

That's it. Please leave me some comments how much you like it or dislike it as a feedback for me. Thanks so much.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Plums, Limes and Soda: a bundled three kits.

I joined eqrAveziur from Spain as one her creative team member.
This kind woman allowed me to play around with one of her creation, three kits in one bundle! Very generous offer.

Plums kit:
A healthy dish steamed tofu for you ;)

A yellowish and citric kit.

A cooling soda, is good to use with something refreshing like, swimming. ;)

Thank you, Eva. Nice to work with you.