Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Kimi and His Rabbit

Ah, little children and their pets.
There is a special connection between them.

I can tell how much my baby Kimi loves his rabbit by watching the way he treat him/her (we still don't know if the rabbit is male or female).

Pic above tells the story of first day this little bunny came to our house. We got it from a good friend of mine, Ratna (and her dear kids), who were willingly to give it to us to keep. One day, this little furry thing hopped in out of nowhere, sneaked into their house and became uninvited guest pet. Seemed that it lost its way home. They waited for a few days, presumed that this bunny could be someone's lost pet. But nobody showed up to make a claim on this cutie animal. Now that their front yard is all concrete, they thought this bunny would be better in a house with garden just like ours (it is a small garden actually). I thought it would be a great pet for my kids. So, we welcomed it to our house.
Kimi was still a crawling baby. Look how small the bunny was. He has loved it from the first time they met. Very sweet.

What so cute about it is, Kimi was born on a Chinese New Year 2011 which was year of rabbit. Now, I call it coincidence,  since I'm not a follower of Chinese tradition or its belief system. It's just a knowledge and I think it's still a cute thing to know tho.

Kimi takes the responsibility to feed his pet voluntary. Whenever I have spare veggies and handed it to him, "Go feed your bunny/rabbit.." he will walk away from me in a rush heading to our front yard, where this rabbit is (we named it Peston -- short for Peter Washington), calling its name, "Pitcchiii... pitchii." I guessed Pitchi is his baby version of  'kelinci', Indonesian word for rabbit.

This bunny now turned into a big and fat rabbit. And Kimi now is a busy playful toddler. Still, he loves it with all his heart. Can you see it?

I made a page based on my feeling about them. The two of them are cute. Aren't they? Of course they are!!! ;)

Summer Hop kit. Rabbit sticker (Best of Show). Both from Clever Monkey Graphics.

Last thing I wanna tell you, this layout was picked (again) to be a gem on Scrapbook Challenge's Gallery Gems, follow the link to read it.

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