Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Days of Our Lives, Creating a Keepsake

I've heard about Project Life some times ago, but never get interested to make one.

But, after my baby #3 turned 2 and off of his breastfeeding tantrum, I now have more spare to time to waste. He is not as demanding as before, so as his tummy is full and siblings are around to play with him, he will let Mom plays with computer.

So, I tempted to try to journal our lives.

Using Tracey cute birdie kit, I made this week#9 page:

And, finger crossed I will be diligent enough to collect our memories throughout the year 2013 into 52 pages. I wish.

And, I have a freebie, you can have the template I made for this page. It's not flattened (layered PSD file) so you can use clipping mask to maintain the shape. I also add an extra bonus download, a piece of vellum paper stitched under a ribbon for journaling purpose. Click on the pictures to enlarge.

Day of Our Lives Template - 300 dpi PSD
Vellum paper - PNG
Just click the template preview or DOWNLOAD link below to get it.

Days of  Our Lives - 1.06MB
Please leave me a comment or a link to your work. Will really appreciate it.
Thank you. God bless.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Join SSUC & New Freebie From Me To You

Week ago, I joined Sunny Side Up Creations as DT member. This is a crafter group (digital or traditional) with biweekly challenge. And, they also have blog, so you can see their previous challenge. This group accommodates different types of crafters, i.e: face & body artist, cross-stitch, painter, and also bead makers. What a group of wonderful ladies to join.

The main reason I join this group, because I need to challenge myself to create some new kits, so The Sweetest Things, my baby kit, will sit together with its 'siblings'. LOL.

The first challenge I take is to make layout from the swatches provided.
All I need to do is choosing at least three colors from the palette. I chose four of it, as you can see in my layout below.

It's a photo frame, made using elements from The Sweetest Things, and for the paper I made new paper pack based on the palette colors provided.

You can have this picture frame if you like it. Just follow the link provided in the bottom of this post. It's a transparent PNG file, so you can insert your picture or anything you like into the felt frame.

Thank you. God bless.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Will You Weather Your Wheater Whatever The Wheater?

I love this tongue twister rhyme:
"Whether the weather be fine
Or whether the weather be not
Whether the weather be coldOr whether the weather be hot
We'll weather the weather
Whatever the weather
Whether we like it or not."

Try it. It's amusing. LOL.

Tracey from Clever Monkey Graphics together with Valorie Wibbens created a collab kit named "How's The Weather". Here's the preview:

And I knew that I have a photo that goes well will the kit.This is baby#3 checking the rain when he went to playground and it started to rain just as we came.

Don't forget to try the rhyme.

Thank you, God bless.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Photoless Layout

A digiscrap layout without any photos attached? Yes, it is possible.

The first time I got this kit called Put A Bird On It by Clever Monkey Graphics (Tracey Monette), and when I found there were birdies lining on a string, I was thinking about a photoless page. A page about uniqueness, about the celebration of uniqueness.

So I made this one out from the kit, a photoless page with a great quote (the wordart is also made by Tracey):

So, why don't try make yourself a photoless page and have fun with it.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Finally, I did it! My First Full Digikit

I've been playing around in this digiscrapping land since 2009, tho I gave it a long break when I had another baby to love.

From the first time I saw these digital papers and elements,  I had known that I can make the supplies by myself. I'd been working in graphic designing for quite a decent period of time, it's not impossible for me to switch a bit my love of designing thing in screen into those cute things called digital scrapbooking. I just need to challenge myself, but I never made it. :p LOL, me and my big mouth. I was always ran out of time or I was too tired after mommying three kids from morning to evening

When baby#3 had his 2nd birthday and let go his breastfeeding tantrum some days ago, I tell myself to try to design at least a mini kit. I need to make my hand dirty again.

One day, a friend in a facebook group told me about this challenge, so I decided to be in. What long nights I'd been thru. You know it's not easy to sit yourself and drown yourself in design works when there are two toddlers nagging at you.

But, finally I made it. Instead of a  mini kit, I got a full kit: 12 papers, and 30 elements. It's quite an achievement for me. I just want to scream my lungs out: FINALLY!! I DID IT!
This is how my first baby look like:

Please be happy with me, and you can get this mini kit for a limited time until I decide to sell the full kit somewhere else. Just click the DOWNLOAD link in the bottom of this mini kit folder. Thank you so much, hope you like it. Please leave me some comments or just give me the link back to your layout using my kit, and I would be so honored if you care to give credit for my work.

size: 57,5 MB

Monday, January 28, 2013

Those Lovely Moments

Having multiple kids can be challenging and yes, it's not a job I will apply if they are not my own kids.

But, if you ever saw their purest smiles or their twinkling eyes, I should say that they know it all how to melt their mom's heart.

So, back to 2008, when the first time J got a sibling, a chubby baby sister, there was also the first time for me to have more than one child. I was worry if I could share my solely love to another child. All my worries were swept away, when this little girl came. She was too cute and too loveable.
Her brother J loved her more than anything. J loved to take her pictures with his little pocket camera.

Tracey made a perfect kit for these pictures I took when they were getting along with each other. How lovely and how beautiful.

This is Tracey's kit I mentioned above, Just One More Picture:

You can purchase it here.

This page layout also picked when Tracey was featured in The Daily Digi.

C is also her Dad's sweetheart, or I can say his soft spot. It's true that a girl is made from too many sweet things, yet it's not true that they're always be sweet, tho. :p
Here's C went swimming with daddy, two years apart from those pics above.
I used Tracey & Elise collab's kit named Waterpark Wonderland.

Yes, maybe there will not be any rewards for me these days to be a stay at home mother and the parent that doesn't make income for their family. It's my choice and I gotta live with it. These moments I will remember when they left one day: their sweet smiles, their shining eye, their cute babbling, their small hands, their pure love to me.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Kimi and His Rabbit

Ah, little children and their pets.
There is a special connection between them.

I can tell how much my baby Kimi loves his rabbit by watching the way he treat him/her (we still don't know if the rabbit is male or female).

Pic above tells the story of first day this little bunny came to our house. We got it from a good friend of mine, Ratna (and her dear kids), who were willingly to give it to us to keep. One day, this little furry thing hopped in out of nowhere, sneaked into their house and became uninvited guest pet. Seemed that it lost its way home. They waited for a few days, presumed that this bunny could be someone's lost pet. But nobody showed up to make a claim on this cutie animal. Now that their front yard is all concrete, they thought this bunny would be better in a house with garden just like ours (it is a small garden actually). I thought it would be a great pet for my kids. So, we welcomed it to our house.
Kimi was still a crawling baby. Look how small the bunny was. He has loved it from the first time they met. Very sweet.

What so cute about it is, Kimi was born on a Chinese New Year 2011 which was year of rabbit. Now, I call it coincidence,  since I'm not a follower of Chinese tradition or its belief system. It's just a knowledge and I think it's still a cute thing to know tho.

Kimi takes the responsibility to feed his pet voluntary. Whenever I have spare veggies and handed it to him, "Go feed your bunny/rabbit.." he will walk away from me in a rush heading to our front yard, where this rabbit is (we named it Peston -- short for Peter Washington), calling its name, "Pitcchiii... pitchii." I guessed Pitchi is his baby version of  'kelinci', Indonesian word for rabbit.

This bunny now turned into a big and fat rabbit. And Kimi now is a busy playful toddler. Still, he loves it with all his heart. Can you see it?

I made a page based on my feeling about them. The two of them are cute. Aren't they? Of course they are!!! ;)

Summer Hop kit. Rabbit sticker (Best of Show). Both from Clever Monkey Graphics.

Last thing I wanna tell you, this layout was picked (again) to be a gem on Scrapbook Challenge's Gallery Gems, follow the link to read it.