Monday, January 28, 2013

Those Lovely Moments

Having multiple kids can be challenging and yes, it's not a job I will apply if they are not my own kids.

But, if you ever saw their purest smiles or their twinkling eyes, I should say that they know it all how to melt their mom's heart.

So, back to 2008, when the first time J got a sibling, a chubby baby sister, there was also the first time for me to have more than one child. I was worry if I could share my solely love to another child. All my worries were swept away, when this little girl came. She was too cute and too loveable.
Her brother J loved her more than anything. J loved to take her pictures with his little pocket camera.

Tracey made a perfect kit for these pictures I took when they were getting along with each other. How lovely and how beautiful.

This is Tracey's kit I mentioned above, Just One More Picture:

You can purchase it here.

This page layout also picked when Tracey was featured in The Daily Digi.

C is also her Dad's sweetheart, or I can say his soft spot. It's true that a girl is made from too many sweet things, yet it's not true that they're always be sweet, tho. :p
Here's C went swimming with daddy, two years apart from those pics above.
I used Tracey & Elise collab's kit named Waterpark Wonderland.

Yes, maybe there will not be any rewards for me these days to be a stay at home mother and the parent that doesn't make income for their family. It's my choice and I gotta live with it. These moments I will remember when they left one day: their sweet smiles, their shining eye, their cute babbling, their small hands, their pure love to me.