Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Finally, I did it! My First Full Digikit

I've been playing around in this digiscrapping land since 2009, tho I gave it a long break when I had another baby to love.

From the first time I saw these digital papers and elements,  I had known that I can make the supplies by myself. I'd been working in graphic designing for quite a decent period of time, it's not impossible for me to switch a bit my love of designing thing in screen into those cute things called digital scrapbooking. I just need to challenge myself, but I never made it. :p LOL, me and my big mouth. I was always ran out of time or I was too tired after mommying three kids from morning to evening

When baby#3 had his 2nd birthday and let go his breastfeeding tantrum some days ago, I tell myself to try to design at least a mini kit. I need to make my hand dirty again.

One day, a friend in a facebook group told me about this challenge, so I decided to be in. What long nights I'd been thru. You know it's not easy to sit yourself and drown yourself in design works when there are two toddlers nagging at you.

But, finally I made it. Instead of a  mini kit, I got a full kit: 12 papers, and 30 elements. It's quite an achievement for me. I just want to scream my lungs out: FINALLY!! I DID IT!
This is how my first baby look like:

Please be happy with me, and you can get this mini kit for a limited time until I decide to sell the full kit somewhere else. Just click the DOWNLOAD link in the bottom of this mini kit folder. Thank you so much, hope you like it. Please leave me some comments or just give me the link back to your layout using my kit, and I would be so honored if you care to give credit for my work.

size: 57,5 MB


  1. Yeaaay..... akhirnya!!! Semoga cepat bertelur kit2 cantik setelahnya ^_^ Selamaaaat...

  2. great job on the kit, thanks for making the mini for us. Wondered though if you had forgot to flatten your papers before saving, since they were so big. Can imagine with 2 adorable little people, it can be hectic.

  3. Very cute thank you!